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Advice to Prospective Members

Probus clubs were formed to meet the need for companionship of their peers and mental stimulation for retired and semi-retired men.

Probus clubs are not service clubs. They are non-political, non-sectarian and non fund-raising. They exist simply to provide opportunities for retirees (and semi-retirees) to enjoy social outings together and be entertained and informed through a program of guest speakers at monthly meetings.

When you join you are encouraged to participate in the club's activities to the best of your ability. This applies to outings and social functions as much as to attendance at monthly meetings. The club's social program is designed to bring members together on a regular basis; its purpose is defeated if members attend only occasionally on a selective basis.

After you have settled in, be prepared to lend a hand in the administration of the club. The club functions best with regular turnover of executive and committee members which helps to maintain a freshness in outlook and commitment.

Interested persons are invited to attend a club meeting or come to any of our varied outings/activities where they will be most welcome.

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