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Computers & Gadgets


The Computer and Gadget Interest Group conducts workshops upstairs at the Belmont 16 Footer Sailing Club  from 2 p.m. till 3 p.m.,  the day after each of the Probus Club monthly general meetings. On all of the other Tuesdays of the month we also meet informally for discussion during fellowship and refreshment in the club's downstairs areas. The atmosphere is very casual and relaxed. The 16 Footer Sailing Club very generously covers our costs, so there is no fee. People are invited to come early for lunch before the meeting or to linger a little longer afterwards for drinks either around the bar or in the coffee lounge. Click here for a short glimpse of the "Guys, Gals and Gadgets" in action.

This is a mutual helping group, where incidental problems are solved and new ideas explored. It requires nothing more than a desire to learn about, improve and better enjoy our computers, tablets, smartphones, ipods and other new technology. Demonstrations are made for all to see on a large screen. Members are encouraged to bring their laptops, tablets, smartphones, ipods etc for trouble shooting. The group does not intend to replicate TAFE courses nor other courses such as Computer Pals.


2 pm, Tuesday following the Probus monthly Meeting

January 21

February 18

March 17

April 21 Meeting abandoned

May 19 Meeting abandoned

June 16 Meeting abandoned

July 21 Meeting abandoned

August 18 Meeting abandoned
September 22 Meeting abandoned
October 20
November 17

December 22

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