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Craft Beer

Several of our members are interested in trying out different specialised beer sourced from local, Australian and overseas boutique breweries. We are fortunate to have our own local Boat Shed Bar within the Sixteen Footers Sailing Club, here in Belmont, complete with enthusiastic and knowledgeable bar staff. The craft beers on tap are rotated on a regular basis, allowing us the novelty of trying out different beers as they come and go. The fascinating stories about each of the beers add to the experience.

A small group of enthusiasts pioneered the idea in August 2017, followed up with a few more joining us in September. For the moment, we have decided to meet once monthly, from 4 pm on the Thursday immediately following the Probus monthly General Meeting. Partners are invited to come for cocktails and to join us for dinner afterwards. All members and their partners are welcome.
Next Meeting
Thursday 19th March, 4pm in the Boatshed Bar abandoned .
The club venue has been closed for at least April and May and is not available to us in June. Watch this space for normal resumption of our gatherings...

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